Past Endeavors Writing And Photography

How I got to where I am with writing and social media.


Literary Bliss

There is nothing like sitting down and opening a book to read it for the first time.

Mall Haul!

Hey guys! I had been dying to go to Crabtree Valley Mall here in Raleigh. I finally did. I am glad I did! I caught a sale at Aeropostale and went into Sephora the first time. I'm so excited about the stuff I got! I did not even plan to go into Aeropostale, it just …

Bubble Mask

Hey guys! I had to get ready for an event (the Regional Convention) so I decided it was the perfect time to put on a mask. I was pumped about trying this mask! I loved the thrill of trying a bubble mask, it seemed fun!As it turned out, it was fun. I had a hard …