True Nature Revitalizing Mask by Labotica

Hey guys!!! It’s been a minute!! I wanted to talk about a mask I’m doing today and catch you guys up on what I’ve been doing. So, a lot has been going on! I’ve gotten a few new plants since I’ve last done a plant update. Also, I went on a trip to Chicago. I went to see the Sunflowers at Dix Park. I also have been listening to a lot of new music I love.

So when I went to Chicago, a few highlights were the Chicago Botanic Garden, Millenium Park, and the Willis Tower. I took so many photos! I had one of the best cocktails I ever had at a restaurant The Dearborn, although the wait was long I enjoyed the coffee I had at the Wildberry Cafe. While there in Chicago I got souvenirs and a new plant. Locally, I went to see the sunflowers at Dix Park. It was really fun there! Later that day I got chocolates from my favorite local shop, Escazu. I also am very happy with my newest plant additions! [you can see photos on Insta from my adventures]

On to the mask! I got this mask back in February [see Insta post] from World Market. It is by Labotica. The key ingredient, as they say on the packaging, is hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract. It also is free of parabens. This mask is to promote firmness and elasticity in the skin. This mask is to stay on 10 to 20 minutes. Let’s get to the good stuff!

I cleansed my face using my facial cleansing brush, I’m currently using one by Conair. After that I let my face air dry and then applied the mask. The mask pack was fairly easy to open. The sheet was easy to unfold and fits my face well. The mask felt very cold on initially. I did not notice any particular fragrance. I kept the mask on for 20 minutes. I let my face dry a little bit and then gently patted my face to let it soak in the remaining serum. After that, I sprayed rose water on my face and neck and massaged my face and neck with my jade roller. Then as a final step, I applied moisturizer to my face and neck.

Over all, I enjoyed doing this mask and love how my skin feels after doing the mask. My skin feels refreshed most definitely. I love the results!! I do recommend this mask if you want to give your skin a refresh and also a boost of hydration. If you want to learn more about masking, feel free to check out the handy guide here on the blog [see guide]. You can catch The Up Side on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading, now go ahead and treat yourself to a mask!

Kara Simone

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