Plant Mom Chronicles Part 5

Hey guys!! I am beyond thrilled that it is my first official spring with plants. To recap, it all started in August 2020. I was talking with friends about plants and later that day I decided to get a plant. It escalated quickly and I currently have 16 plants, I have had trial and error for sure. I have air plants, succulents, a calathea, a peperomia, and an Alocasia. I have gotten plants from Lowe’s Home Improvement, Home Depot, Lidl, Wegmans, Atlantic Gardening Center, Logan’s Garden Shop, and Gunter’s Greenhouse. I love shopping at local nurseries!!

I have always loved cacti and of course that was one of the first plants I got. In the beginning, I mostly had succulents. I’ve definitely broadened my horizons since then. Being a plant mom is hard, sadly I have had some losses along the way!!! I have learned a lot about caring for my plants through trial and error, web searching, different plant apps and social media. Those things and asking my mom a bunch of questions (she’s amazing and patient lol) have helped me tremendously in caring for my plants successfully. I am excited to tell you about the plants I currently have!

Let’s take it back to August 2020. That is when it all started with my love for plants. I got an Aloe Vera plant from Lowe’s Home Improvement. I named it Bender, it was inspired by a character on the show Futurama. Days later, I went to Atlantic Gardening Center, a local nursery, for the first time and got a little cactus that I named Nibbler. His name is also inspired by Futurama. I of course went back several more times that month.This is my aloe Bender the day I got him.This is Nibbler the day I got him.

In September, I of course was back at Atlantic Gardening Center. I got a Bunny Ear cactus, scientifically known as an opuntia microdasys. After getting him, I went to Home Depot and then to World Market where I found his pot. His name is M’Baku, an homage to a character from the Marvel movie Black Panther.Here is M’Baku the day I got him.

Let’s roll into October. I went Atlantic Gardening Center and went to Logan’s Gardening Shop for the first time. I got 2 cacti from Atlantic this month. I went to Home Depot and got a Jade Plant and found her pot at Logan’s. The plants’ names are Scruffy, Bones, and Troi. Scruffy is named in reference to Futurama. Bones got his moniker in honor of Dr. Leonard McCoy aka Bones from Star Trek. Troi is named in honor of Deanna Troi from Star Trek.Scruffy the day I got him.Bones the day I got him.Troi the next day after I got her.

In November, I got my first leafy plant. I went to Logan’s and saw a beautiful Calathea Concinna (also referred to as a Calathea Freddie) and I had to have her!! I found her pot at Marshall’s. I named her Scottie as a nod to the character Montgomery Scott on Star Trek.This is Scottie the day after I got her.

Let’s skip to January. I went to Atlantic and found a euphorbia fruticosa inermis. His name is Fury, inspired by Agent Nick Fury from the movie Captain Marvel. Later that month, I went to Wegmans in search of a Watermelon Peperomia, scientifically known as peperomia argyreia. I found one and I ended up also getting an air plant, specifically a Tillandsia Abdita. My watermelon peperomia’s name is Worf and my air plant’s name is Keiko. Those names are inspired by characters on Star Trek. I found Keiko’s little bowl she’s in at World Market and Worf’s pot a few days later at TJ Maxx.Fury the day I got him.Keiko the day I got her.Worf two days after I got him.

February was most definitely the month of the air plant. I went to Wegmans and got 2 air plants one day. I got a Tillandsia Bulbosa and a Tillandsia Capitata Peach. There names were inspired by Star Trek, the Bulbosa’s name is Spock and the Capitata Peach’s name is Jean-Luc. Later in the month, I went to Atlantic again and found a beautiful Tillandsia Streptophylla. I named her Jadzia, she got her name from a character on Star Trek Jadzia Dax.Jean-Luc the day I got him.Spock the day I got him.Jadzia the day I got her.

March, the month encompassing the start of Spring. I went to Gunter’s Greenhouse the first time and bought a little cactus, a long with a cute sticker. I was immediately enamored with this place. I knew I was coming back the second I set foot in there! There were so many beautiful plants and it was amazing seeing them. The little cactus I bought there is named Groot, after a character in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I went to Wegmans later that week and got an air plant I had wanted, a Tillandsia Ionantha. His name is Quark, inspired by a character from Star Trek. Groot the day I got him.Quark the day I got him.

Now here we are in April. Last week, I went back to Gunter’s and bought an Alocasia Black Velvet, also scientifically known as Alocasia Reginula. This plant had been on my wishlist. I was so ecstatic when I saw it in person and of course I bought one!! I named him T’Challa after a character in the Marvel movie Black Panther.T’Challa the day I got him.

As I said before, since August, there has been trial and error but it has been fun and I’ve learned a lot. I also got some fun tools, such as plant shears and a mister in January. I also learned that sometimes, no matter what you do, sims plants don’t want to act right and just die. I had that happen multiple times unfortunately. Taking care of plants is so much fun, I love my babies lol! Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out The Up Side on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

Kara Simone

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