Plant Mom Chronicles Part 4

Hey guys!!! As you may know, in August of 2020 I really started getting into plants. I started out with succulents, however I have ventured out and gotten a few different plant varieties. My love for plants has led me to discover different places, such as local nurseries. Having plants has not been completely smooth sailing though, I have had a few problems with some plants and some losses. Those have most definitely proved to be learning experiences. Let’s recap to the beginning of my plant parenthood.

In August 2020, I got an Aloe Vera from Lowe’s Home Improvement. Later that month, I made several trips to Atlantic Gardening Center (a local nursery), getting a cactus, a sedum pachyphyllum, and a Tugela Cliff Kalanchoe. Their names are Bender (aloe), Nibbler (cactus), Zoidberg (sedum), and Fry (Kalanchoe). Their names are inspired by the show Futurama.

In September, I had bought three plants. I had got a Bunny Ear Cactus aka opuntia microdasys from Atlantic Gardening Center, a Crassula Conjuncta from Home Depot, and a sedeveria Markus from Lowe’s Home Improvement. I got their pots from World Market. Their names are M’Baku (Bunny Ear), Okoye (crassula), and Leela (sedeveria). M’Baku and Okoye have names inspired by the Marvel movie Black Panther. Leela’s name is inspired by Futurama.

In October, I got two cacti, a Tiger Jaws aka faucaria tigrina, and a jade plant aka crassula ovata. I got the two cacti from trips to Atlantic Gardening Center. I got my Tiger Jaw from Logan’s Garden Shop, another local nursery. My jade plant is from Home Depot and her pot is from Logan’s. Their names are Scruffy (first cactus bought in October), Bones (second cactus bought), Seven (Tiger Jaws), and Troi (jade plant). Scruffy’s name is inspired by Futurama and the other three have names inspired by Star Trek.

Now we come to November. I went to Logan’s and got yet another cactus. I lost Okoye, and decided to put the new cactus in her old pot. A few days later, I went to Logan’s again and got my first leafy tropical plant, a Calathea Concinna. I got her pot from Marshall’s. Their names are inspired by Star Trek, my cactus is named Philippa and my Calathea is named Scottie.

At the beginning of November, I went to Lidl and got a jumbo amaryllis bulb to watch grow into a beautiful flower and bloom, I documented her progress with many pictures. Her name is Fleur. She lasted until the end of December and was very pretty.

Let’s get to January! Sadly I have lost Zoidberg and Seven. But, I did get three new plants! I got a euphorbia fruticosa inermis from Atlantic Gardening Center. A few weeks later, this past Sunday actually, I got a watermelon peperomia aka peperomia argyreia and an air plant aka tillandsia abdita from Wegmans (a grocery store). I named my euphorbia Fury, inspired by a character from the Marvel movie Captain Marvel. My air plant’s name is Keiko and my watermelon peperomia’s name is Worf, their names are inspired by Star Trek.

Since August, I’ve learned a whole lot about plants. Being a part of Facebook Groups, perusing Instagram and TikTok, and web searching has helped me gain knowledge about my plants and step up my plant care techniques. Recently, I got pruning shears, a plant mister, and 3 small digging tools for my plants from Amazon. Shears and a mister are most definitely necessary, mine have already gotten plenty of use. I can’t wait to put these other tools to use!

I have loved having plants a whole lot! I have learned so much since August. If you would have told me this time last year or even at the beginning of the pandemic that I would have so many plants, would not have believed that. In these short five months, it has been so rewarding. I am thrilled to share my experience with plants! I of course will keep you updated. Thank you for reading!

Kara Simone

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