Green Tea Detox sheet mask by BioRepublic Skin Care

Hey guys!!! I cannot believe it’s Fall! This crazy year is flying by fast! I picked this beauty up at Target at the end of July [see insta post]. This mask has green tea extract and Vitamin E in it. This mask is to help remove excess sebum and reduces the appearance of blemishes. I’m all for a good skin detox, so I’m excited about this mask.

The mask pack was easy to open and the mask has a pleasant green tea aroma. Also, there is a good amount of serum on the sheet mask. The only thing was it took me forever to unfold the sheet mask and apply it to my face. I almost gave up. I’m glad I didn’t though! Before masking, I cleansed my face with my facial cleansing brush, using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. I kept the mask on for about 20 minutes. After that, I gently patted my face to help my skin soak in the remaining serum.

Once my face dried down from the serum I sprayed on rose water, massaged my face with my jade roller, and then applied my moisturizer with SPF. I am happy with the results of the mask. I like to do a detox mask every once and a while, but not regularly.

Over all I felt like the mask did its job. I am satisfied with the results. If you would like to know more about masking, there is a handy guide here on the blog [click here to see guide]. Thank you for reading, now go ahead & treat your self to a mask!

Kara Simone

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