Pomegranate Sheet Mask by Vitamasques

Hey guys!!!! I’m excited that Fall is getting closer, it’s my favorite time of the year. In other news, recently I’ve gotten two succulents, an aloe vera plant and a cactus. I even named them lol, Bender and Nibbler, I am a fan of the show Futurama and that’s where their names came from. Now that we’ve got that update out of the way, today I’m doing a pomegranate sheet mask by Vitamasques [see insta post]. I got the mask back in June at Target. This mask is to moisturize, firm, and lift the skin. It is to stay on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Let’s get to the good stuff! So first I washed my face as usual with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser [see review] using my facial cleansing brush [see review]. Shortly thereafter, I applied the mask. The mask pack was fairly easy to open and the sheet itself was easy to unfold and fit well on my face. The mask had a light pomegranate scent and had just the right amount of product (they refer to it as gel on the pack in the instructions). I kept the mask on for almost 20 minutes. The mask did not slip as I had it on. My skin did tingle while I had on the mask, but it was nothing major. After removing the sheet, I patted my face so it could soak in the remaining gel. My skin feels so refreshed & hydrated. After the renaming gel dried, I sprayed on toner and moisturized.

Over all, I did love this mask! My skin feels great and I do recommend this mask to give your skin a boost of moisture. If you want to know more about masking, check out the guide here on le blog [click here to view]! Thank you for reading, now go ahead and treat yourself to a mask!

Kara Simone

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