Hyaluronic Acid Gel Sheet Mask

Hey guys!!! Today I’m using a gel mask I got from Bath & Body Works at the end of 2018 [see Insta post]. This mask is to moisturize the skin and stay on for 10 minutes. This mask has hyaluronic acid in it, which is very moisturizing and beneficial to the skin.

Let’s get the good stuff! Before masking, I cleansed my face with a micellar water wipe, and rolled my face with my jade roller after spraying my face with rose water. I had my roller in the refrigerator before I used it. Anyway, the mask pack was fairly easy to unfold. The mask had a film on it, so I had to unfold it carefully to make sure I kept the mask in tact. After that I carefully pulled off the films and applied the mask. The mask smelled amazing and had plenty of essence, but wasn’t drippy. The mask was a bit difficult to adjust on my face. Once I got it adjusted there has been minimal slippage. I kept the mask on for exactly ten minutes. After I removed the mask, I gently massaged my face so my skin could soak in the essence left on my face from the mask.

Over all, I love this mask!!! My skin feels moisturized and I’m happy with the results. I highly recommend this mask if you want to give your skin a hydration boost. I love that the mask did not have anything harsh in it that irritated my skin. Thank you for reading! If you want to know more about masking, check out this helpful guide here on the blog [see guide]. Now go ahead and treat yourself to a mask!

Kara Simone

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