My Essential Oils Journey: Part Three

Hey guys!! So if you’ve been following a long, you know that I recently started using essential oils recently. I got my diffuser and first oils in December. I have done lots of research since I decided I was going to start using oils. After researching a lot, I got my first essential oils, a 3-pack (lavender, rose, and jasmine) and a single bottle of lemon. I ordered my diffuser the night after I bought them. Since then I’ve picked up grapefruit and eucalyptus. TJ Maxx is where I’ve gotten all my oils so far. They have them for great prices and the oils are great quality.

How have I been choosing which ones I get? Research! Pinterest and looking things up on Yahoo have been my best friend. Young Living and DoTerra’s websites have been helpful too as a resource. So far I have only been using my oils for diffusion.

My favorite combinations to diffuse:

  • Lavender & lemon – Smells amazing and is great for relaxing.
  • Rose & Jasmine – Smells amazing, I automatically get in a good mood!

Thanks for reading.

Kara Simone


4 Replies to “My Essential Oils Journey: Part Three”

  1. I just got a diffuser too and love it! I was introduced to essential oils by a yoga teacher years ago but I pretty much just dabbed it on the insides of my wrist and inhaled it, or when my husband or I have stuffy noses we put eucalyptus oil in hot water and a towel over our heads and stick her head over the bowl đŸ™‚ now I incorporate orange oil into our homemade body wash and lavender oil into homemade deodorant… Have you tried frankincense yet? It’s a bit different of a scent but I like it when going to sleep as it’s very relaxing.

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