Letter From Trinidad Part 3

Hey guys!!! So I’m back from vacation in Trinidad and Tobago. So the trip has come to an end and I wanted to do a quick overview of it. But first, let’s get to the last few days of the trip. On my last full day there, I explored the market. I got some Jewelry and a new dress. I ate dinner at the Hyatt in Downtown Port-of-Spain and that had amazing live music there. The whole trip, I had wanted to get doubles, but didn’t get one until the morning I was leaving! It was sooooo good! That is a whole other rant filled story lol!

Let’s back it up and review! I really did enjoy my trip to Trinidad and Tobago! I got to go to the beach, ride through the rainforest, try local food, buy local goods, and meet new people! I would definitely go back!

I used these products in my skincare routine there! I love Palmer’s, I’m definitely buying more, this was the first time I tried it (if I used it before my mom got it for me when I was little).

Some libations I got that I packed to enjoy at home!

Trini currency

A really pretty anklet I got! I will wear this during the summer, it’s too cold to wear it now lol.

Enjoying live music along with my dinner.


You can see more of my adventures on Instagram at @theupsideksb! Thank you for reading!

Kara Simone

Part One of the trip.

Part Two of the trip.


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