Letter From Trinidad Part 1

Hey guys! It’s been a busy few days! Friday I flew to Trinidad & Tobago. I’m staying on the island of Trinidad, in Curepe with my family. During a layover in Miami, I had to get Nathan’s! Being from originally New York, I have to get the goodness of Nathan’s whenever I can. Their hot dog and fries are amazingly good! I wish Nathan’s comes down south and I don’t have to get it only when I travel. The flights I was on were fairly uneventful. There was some loud passengers and turbulence, but that was it.

My favorite part has been exploring the supermarkets and going to the mall. I got some beer, wine, juice, a bookmark, chips, and soap. My favorite meal so far has been curry goat with potatoes & roti. The roti ooooh my goodness, some of the finest carbs that have ever went in my mouth! So good! To the juice situation, I have had Fruta, flavored with apple & black currants, and Peardrax, a pear flavored fizzy drink. I bought those at supermarkets here. Another thing I bought that I really enjoyed was a milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts pieces in it, it was delicious! If you couldn’t already tell, I love food lol!

I’m excited about my soap & bookmark. I’m going to use my soap when I get back to the States. The soap I bought has charcoal and turmeric in it, that is supposed to be amazing for the skin from what I’ve read. My bookmark is leather with Trinidad & Tobago embossed on it and a little map of the island.

Here are some photos:

Thank you for reading and there is much more to come! Look out for another post in the coming days! Follow along with me on Instagram to see all my exploring!

Kara Simone


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