My Road To Reading The Book: Thoughts On The Courage To Become

Hey guys! So last year, I joined a group on Facebook called I’m So Blogging This. I came across a post saying a Facebook Live was scheduled with Catia Hernandez Holm.

She spoke eloquently and I listened. I followed her page on Facebook and also followed her on Instagram. Over the months before finally buying her book on Amazon, I saw her posts on social media and found myself getting excited when she mentioned her book.

Finally, in December, on a Saturday night when I couldn’t sleep, I ordered her book. The Courage To Become, the book, came in the mail days later and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Later that day, I put on my oil diffuser and read away.

Let’s get into the book! I promise I won’t give too much away. This is as close to reading a self-help book as I’ve ever gotten. Instead of feeling like I was reading something preachy and critical, I felt like I was reading an autobiography that allowed me to reflect on myself. When Catia got into her experiences as a wife and mother, and I reached those three questions at the end of the chapter I didn’t feel like I had to gloss over them because because I wasn’t there yet. (I’m single and childless.) I was elated the questions at the end of each chapter are so personal, inclusive, and spur on self reflection.

I’m glad I was able to read this book! This book tells an interesting story and inspires self reflection. Trust me when I tell you, you will not want to put it down! From dating, marriage, to baby, Catia gives a raw account and it’s one worth reading. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoyed it!

Kara Simone


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