Master Lab Ceramide Mask Sheet by Tonymoly

Hey guys! Yesterday, I developed a terrible dry patch on my face, between my nose and lips and on the sides of my nose. Thankfully, had a mask that could possibly soothe my skin and get it moisturized without irritating it. Let’s get to the mask details! I got the mask from Ulta earlier this month [See Post].

This mask contains ceramide and is to increase moisture in skin. This mask is to benefit dry skin by delivering rich moisture deep within the skin. The mask is to be kept on for 15-20 minutes. The packaging was easy to open and the sheet was easy to unfold. It felt cold going on, which I love! The mask dripped with serum, which I was happy about because my skin needed allllll the help it can get! I left the mask on for a little over 20 minutes. After, my skin feels soft and the dry, irritated patch feels better. I’m happy with the results! I loved this mask!

All and all, I loved the mask and highly recommend it! Thank you for reading!

Kara Simone


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