My Essential Oils Journey

Hey guys! So after doing some thinking and then research, I have decided to start using essential oils. It is something I have thought about doing recently. I had heard of them a while ago and just now got really curious.

Why? First of all, I am all for things that smell amazing! Two, I want to sleep better. Third, I want to use oils for my skin.

Naturally I did some research on essential oils. I found a lot of things out that they are great for. Let’s go over some!

  • Essential oils can be incorporated into your beauty regimen, such as maintaining your hair (adding some in shampoo or conditioner) and in DIY face masks (how can I not include that lol).
  • Oils can be used around the house, in homemade cleaning supplies,freshening up the trash can, or just making a room smell nice.
  • Essential oils can be used in teas.

Where can you find essential oils? TJ Maxx, online through DoTerra or Young Living, and I’m sure a few other places.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think of essential oils and if you have any favorites!

Disclaimer: I’m no expert. If you want to use oils for medicinal purposes, please consult a doctor. The information in this post has been gathered via online research.

Kara Simone

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