Honey Cream Bubble Mask by Soo AE

Hey guys! I love honey and am truly fascinated with bubble masks. So it was only fitting that I try out this one, the Honey Cream Bubble Mask by Soo AE. This mask is to gently lift away impurities and refine pores and replenish the skin with moisture. The mask has of course honey, also kaolin, bentonite, and micro bubbles.

Let’s get to it. I put on my trusty headband and cleansed my face with my Burt’s Bees Exfoliating wipes. After that I opened the package and carefully applied the mask. After applying the mask, I waited for it to foam up and then I massaged my face in circular motions. After that, I waited about 15 minutes and took it off. Taking it off was an interesting experience, a lot of rinsing off. My skin feels nice and soft. Once I got all the mask off I put lotion on (my Daily Hydrating Vitamin E & Avocado Lotion by St. Ives).

All and all, I would recommend this mask and definitely use it again. I enjoy bubble masks immensely!

Thanks for reading!

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Kara Simone

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