Polishing Charcoal +Black Sugar Gel + Scrub by Freeman Beauty

Hey guys!!!! It’s officially my favorite time of the week, Mask day! Today’s mask is a little different. This is the first gel mask that I have tried, that’s exciting! I got the mask from Ulta a while ago [See Post]. The charcoal helps absorb oils and impurities while the black sugar helps exfoliate dead skin. The mask is to stay on for 5-7 minutes.

Let’s get to the good stuff! Applying it was easy. I did not expect all those fairly large granules of black sugar to be in the mask for some reason lol! The mask had an interesting, yet pleasant scent, because of the black sugar and charcoal. After about 8-9 minutes I ran warm water over my exfoliator and went to town getting off the mask. Anyway, my face feels really refreshed and soft after using it! I would definitely recommend this, especially for someone with dry skin. It was not drying at all!

Thanks for reading! All and all I enjoyed this mask, would get it again and recommend it! Hope you come back for more and don’t forget to sign up for my blog’s email list Click Here!

Kara Simone


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