Soo AE Nature Collagen Essence Mask

Hey guys! I was in major need of a pick me up. So I decided to make myself some tea and put on a mask. The mask I put on today was an Aloe Nature Collagen Essence Mask by SOO AE. The aloe is perfect for my dry skin. I got it from Wal-Mart during my trip to Virginia earlier this summer.
I am happy to say I am getting good at putting on a sheet mask! The mask was easy to unfold and it did not slide off my face! I'm so happy about that! It feels amazing on, I had no trouble with it! After it was time to take it off, I gently patted my face so it could soak in the remaining serum. My face feels so soft and moisturized. I definitely feel more relaxed. Also the mask smells amazing! I'm in love!!!!!
Here's a few tricks I learned: When I put my mask on laying down, I didn't have to worry about it sliding off. Also before applying my mask, I swiped my face with a micellar water wipe (Always make sure your face is clean before applying a mask!).
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!
Kara Simone

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